Ode to a Volunteer Editor

I posted something in a forum and received the following message from a well-intentioned friend:

“You used ‘precious’ twice, however, and made a typo in ‘perceive’ in the third paragraph.

It’s a good thing you have a volunteer editor to point out these things, isn’t it?

Sincerely, your own volunteer editor, Ms. Maggie”


A volunteer editor
I must confess,

Fills me with
And distress.

With each breath I take –

Admit it, you thought I’d say ‘inhalation’
just to continue the rhyme scheme
interrupted above.

To recapitulate in haste,
With each breath I take,
I shiver in shame
to discover yet another
spelling error that’s lame.

Indulge me my dears,
My span is not tempered,
But each effort to rhyme here
Clearly shows I should have signed off some time ago.


With my most sincere thanks and gratitude to my dear friend Ms. Maggie; where would I be without you?


© 2011  All rights reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to a Volunteer Editor

  1. Oh no! Having your own personal volunteer editor is supposed to fill you with glee and happiness, not trepidation and distress! They only want what’s best for the writer, and remember…their advice is worth every penny you pay for it. 😉

    • LOL! The trepidation and distress were of the most beneficial kind, and turned out to be productive. And yes, the volunteer editor’s advice is worth the price paid.

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